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View ContentDashboard Overview

The following is an overview of the PetExec dashboard.

View ContentAdd New Owner

Steps for adding a new owner.

View ContentModify Existing Owner

The steps to modify an existing owner's account.  This menu item is also used to bring up an owner's account in the system.

View ContentUndelete an Owner

Click the "Undelete" link to restore the owner to active status.  

View ContentDelete An Owner

Steps to delete an owner from the system.  Note:  Owners and pets are never really deleted, only marked inactive.  

View ContentMultiple Owner Deactivation

Use Multiple Owner Deactivation to deactivate pet owners based on last purchase date.  Generally used to clean up your active pet owner list and deactivate pet owners without a recent order/purchase.

Caution: New owners recently added to your PetExec system may not have an order history and you may want to exclude these pet owners prior to deactivating.  Click View Content for additional details.

View ContentOwner Purchase

The Owner Purchase function allows you to search for an owner and apply one or more products or services to their cart.  For example, this option can be used to complete an owner purchase of a retail item or a daycare/boarding package. 

View ContentAdd a New Pet

Steps for adding a new pet to an existing owner. The Owner must be added before associated pets can be added.

View ContentModify Existing Pet

The steps to modify an existing Pet record.  This menu item is also used to bring up a pet record in the system.

View ContentFind Deactivated Pet

Steps to find and reactivate a pet that has been deactivated.  Pets are never really deleted from they system, only marked inactive.

View ContentMove Pet to New Owner

Reassign a current pet to a new owner.  

View ContentPet List

Pet List is a  list of all pets in the system.

Play areas
View ContentAdd and Maintain Play Areas

Steps to add a play area to the system and maintain existing play areas.

View ContentPet Play Areas Dashboard

Overview of the Pet Play Areas Feature and Dashboard.

Group Training
View ContentGroup Training Schedule

Overview of the Group Training Schedule screen.

View ContentTraining Calendar

Overview of the Group Training Calendar

View ContentAdding A Group Training Class

Steps for adding a group training class

View ContentModify Group Training Class

Steps to modify a group training class.  From this screen you have the option to modify scheduled dates and times for a group training class.

View ContentAssign Pets to Class

Steps to Assign a Pet to a Group Training Class.  There is also the option from this screen to check the pet out and charge the customer for the group training class.

View ContentMaintain Group Training Requests

This function is used to delete or process Group Training requests made from the Owner Portal/Mobile App. Pet owners can simply request a Group Training class for their pet.  These requests must be processed through Petexec by an employee for the pet to be assigned to a Group Training class.

View ContentGrooming Schedule

Steps to view scheduled grooming appointments by date, date range, or groomer.

View ContentAdd Appointment (Grooming)

Steps to schedule or add a grooming appointment.

View ContentMaintain Grooming Appointments

Steps to maintain, modify or delete a grooming appointments for a specific pet.  

View ContentMaintain Grooming Requests

Steps to maintain grooming requests. These are requests that come from the owners via the PetExec Owner Portal.  

View ContentGrooming Calendar

Overview of the grooming calendar.

View ContentAdd Appointment (Grooming) (Grooming doc prior to 3.8.2 before the copy option was added)

Steps to schedule or add a grooming appointment.

Products & Services
View ContentAdd Product / Service - General Overview

A general overview of the steps for adding a product or a service.  Products and Services include any services you would schedule for a pet, anything that you plan to sell through your PetExec system,or any charges that you would add to a customer's order.  This includes your boarding, daycare, grooming, scheduled services, group training, as well as any retail items or additional fees that you would charge your customers.

View ContentMaintain Products or Services

Maintain products or services provides an option for viewing and managing all of the products/services in Petexec.

View ContentModify Product Details

Modify product details allows you to manage some of the your PetExec products/services based on service type.  This is a great way to see all products/services of a unique service type and the unique, distinct settings for those services all on one page.

View ContentProduct List

The Product List Report displays all Products/Services in your PetExec system with an option to download to an Excel compatible spreadsheet. You can access it from the Menu-->Products & Services-->Product List.  Click "View Content" for details.

View ContentPaw Points

Paw Points are points that your owners can accumulate through purchasing products and services.  The points are then translated to a dollar value (based on the values you assign) and applied as a credit to a customer's account to be used during checkout.   These are the steps required to set up the Paw Points in PetExec

View ContentAdd a Vendor

Some businesses will use vendors to supply them with products sold within their facility.  Once added, a vendor can be associated with a product/service.  

View ContentModify Existing Vendors

Vendors can be modified after they are added by going to the Main Menu-->Products & Services-->Modify Existing Vendors.  Vendors can be associated with a product/service.

View ContentQuick Quote

The Quick Quote function is used to generate a web quote for selected services.  If a product/service is marked taxable, and there are applicable tax rates in the system the quote will include the calculated taxes and will assume the company's state for taxes. 

View ContentDaycare Sign-In

Daycare Sign-In

View ContentDaycare Quick Check-In

Steps to enable and use the Daycare Quick Check-In feature.

View ContentDaycare Daily To-Do

Overview of the Daycare Daily To-Do Report.

View ContentSchedule Daycare

Steps to schedule a daycare appointment.

View ContentDaycare Schedule Report

Overview of the Daycare Schedule Report

View ContentMaintain Scheduled Daycare

Steps to maintain scheduled daycare appointments.

View ContentScheduled Daycare Calendar

Overview of the Scheduled Daycare Calendar.

View ContentSign-In Boarding

Steps to sign a pet into boarding.

View ContentSchedule Boarding

Steps to schedule a boarding appointment

View ContentBoarding Kennel Availability

The Boarding Kennel Availability page provides an overview of the kennel reservations and is an easy way to see if a boarding reservation can be accommodated.

View ContentModify Boarding - Overview

An overview of the steps to modify an existing boarding reservation.

View ContentModify Boarding - Modify Boarding Schedule

Overview of the Modify Boarding Schedule Button located on the Modify Boarding page.

View ContentModify Boarding - Boarding Pets

Overview of the Boarding Pets button located on the Modify Boarding page.

View ContentModify Boarding - Associated Services

Overview of the Associated Services button located on the Modify Boarding page.

View ContentModify Boarding - Daily Details

Overview of the Daily Details button located on the Modify Boarding page.

View ContentBoarding Status

Overview of the Boarding Status functionality. Includes the "Wait List" boarding status.

View ContentBoarding Daily To-Do

Overview of the Boarding Daily To-Do Report.

View ContentBoarding eScorecard To-Do

Overview of the boarding eScorecard to-do. This option allows you manage Feeding, Medication, Eliminations, and custom to-dos for all pets in boarding.

View ContentBoarding Coming and Going

Overview of the Boarding Coming and Going Report

View ContentOwner Boarding History

Overview of the Owner Boarding History report.


View ContentBoarding Count by Service

Overview of the Boarding Count by Service Report.

View ContentBoarding Kennel Assignments

The Boarding Kennel Assignments page provides an overview of the available/reserved kennel numbers while also showing the specific kennel assignments.

View ContentBoarding Count by Kennel

Overview of the boarding count by kennel report.

View ContentBoarding Snapshot

Overview of the Boarding Snapshot Report.


View ContentBoarding By Kennel

Overview of the Boarding By Kennel report.


View ContentMove Daycare to Boarding

Overview of the Move Daycare to Boarding Menu Option.

View ContentBoarding Calendar

Overview of the boarding calendar.

View ContentBoarding Calculator

Overview of the boarding calculator.  The boarding calculator is used to calculate an estimate of boarding services.

View ContentAdd New Vet

Steps to add a new vet

View ContentModify Existing Vet

The Modify Existing Vet menu option allows you to make changes to any of the vets you currently have in your system.

Company Preferences are broken down by category below
Company Settings (Menu-->Company Preferences-->Company Settings)
View ContentApplication Preferences

An overview of the application preferences section of the PetExec system.

View ContentMaintain Company Info

Additional Information on how to complete the Company Information fields.

View ContentMaintain Dashboard

Steps to add, remove and change the order of the dashboard carousel menu items and dashboard panels.

View ContentMaintain Hours of Operation

Steps to add and maintain your hours of operation.

View ContentHours of Operation Calendar

Steps to add and maintain your hours of operation using the hours of operation calendar.

View ContentMaintain Occupancy

Steps to add and maintain your occupancy.  Occupancy allows businesses to limit the number of Pets that can be scheduled, or signed in, on a specific date.

View ContentUpload Logo

Steps to add your logo to the PetExec dashboard.

Boarding Settings (Menu-->Company Preferences-->Boarding Settings)
View ContentKennel Count

Steps to set up your kennels, the count, and the description.

View ContentMaintain Holiday Boarding Dates

Steps to add Holiday Boarding Dates.  These are dates in which you want to charge a different boarding rate due to a holiday.

View ContentBoarding Type Details

Steps to update your boarding type details or add a unique name to each of your kennels.

View ContentBoarding Status Colors

Boarding status colors allows you to customize the colors on the boarding calendar based on boarding status.

View ContentBoarding eScorecard Options

Steps to add custom inputs to your boarding eScorecards. (This Feature will be available with PetExec 3.6 on Sunday 4/28/19)

Financial Settings (Menu-->Company Preferences-->Financial Settings)
View ContentMaintain Taxes

Steps to maintain your state tax rate, and add additional tax rates if applicable.

View ContentMaintain Accepted Credit Cards

Indicate which credit cards you accept for payment.

View ContentAdditional Payment Types

Steps to add additional payment types to the payment types drop down at checkout.

Communication Settings (Menu-->Company Preferences-->Communication Settings)
View ContentMaintain Contracts

Enter and maintain your contracts and boarding agreements.

View ContentMaintain Report Card

Steps to maintain report card.  

View ContentCommunication Templates

Communication templates are the message templates that PetExec uses for all automated and blastable messages (both email and SMS/Text).  For complete details click here: Communication Templates.

View ContentModify Email Content (doc version prior to comm templates update)

This is the list of the emails that PetExec can send out to your customers.  There are two types of emails, those that are blastable,  meaning you determine when to blast those emails.  And those that are not blastable, PetExec will send these emails based on a scheduled service or event in the system.

View ContentSocial Media Links

Social Media links are used in email blasts and email reminders.  When set up and included in emails, your customers will see the social media icon, when they click it will open your webpage within that social media.


View ContentContact Lists

Contact Lists provide pet parent contact information based on the criteria selected.  This information can be downloaded as an excel spreadsheet or saved to be used later or in email blasts.

View ContentEmail Blast

Summary of the Email Blast feature.  With Email Blasts you can send an email to employees, owners, or vets.

View ContentTips for Effective Email Delivery

Tips to ensure the emails generated from PetExec are successfully delivered to your customers.

Misc. Settings (Menu-->Company Preferences-->MIsc. Settings)
View ContentAlternative Price Types

Steps to change the names of the alternative price types used for grooming products/services.

View ContentMaintain How Heard

Steps to maintain your list of How Heard Options.  This list is available when adding or modifying an owner, called "How did you find us?"

View ContentMaintain Locations

Steps to update and maintain the locations that appear in the drop off and pick up locations when scheduling.

View ContentMaintain Owner Advisories

Owner advisories allow you to identify an important trait about an owner, their history, behavior etc. Owner advisories are displayed throughout the system, however, owners do not see their advisories in the Owner Portal or Mobile App.  To Maintain Owner Advisories begin in the PetExec menu-->company preferences-->misc. settings-->maintain owner advisories.  (Some parts of this functionality will be available with PetExec 3.6 on 4/28/19)

View ContentMaintain Pet Advisories

Pet advisories allow you to identify an important trait about a pet, their history, behavior, temperament, etc. Pet advisories are displayed throughout the system, however, owners do not see their pet's advisories in the Owner Portal or Mobile App.  To Maintain Pet Advisories begin in the PetExec menu-->company preferences-->misc. settings-->maintain pet advisories.  (Some parts of this functionality will be available with PetExec 3.6 on 4/28/19)

View ContentUser Defined Options

User Defined Options allows you to customize the options in the Boarding eScorecard.(This Feature will be available with PetExec 3.6 on Sunday 4/28/19)

Utilities (Menu-->Company Preferences-->Utilities)
View ContentFile Browser

The PetExec file browser is a program that provides a user interface to manage files and folders within your PetExec system.

View ContentUpdate Communication Settings

Updating communication settings will check all boxes for all automated emails for all pet owners in the Communications Settings section of the owner record.  This can be used if you would like to reset the options for pet owners who have previously opted out of emails.  Caution:  This action cannot be undone.  Pet owners have the option to "opt out" of emails via the link at the bottom of all emails from PetExec. Resetting the communication settings will result in owners who have previously opted out of emails to now receive those emails.

View ContentReset Contracts

Reset Contracts will unckeck all the contract checkboxes for ALL the pet parents/owner, and remove the links to prior signed documents.  It can be used when all of the existing contract/agreement signatures are no longer valid and need to be cleared. Caution, this action cannot be undone.

View ContentMaintain Allowed IPs

Maintain allowed IPs allows you to control where an employee can login to the PetExec system based on the IP address of the Internet access point  they are trying to login from. (This Feature will be available with PetExec 3.6 on Sunday 4/28/19)

View ContentRebuild Daycare Packages

Changing daycare services and daycare packages in Maintain Products or Services does not impact packages that were sold prior to the changes. Rebuild Daycare Package will copy changes made to daycare package services to owner daycare packages. Clicking on the “Rebuild” button will change existing Active owner daycare packages to update the Service Name, Package Type, and the Associated Services. End dates will be rebuilt only when a package has been set to never expire.

Please use caution when rebuilding existing owner daycare packages. This can not be undone! We recommend downloading the existing owner package data before rebuilding and after rebuilding as a way to audit the changes.

View ContentAdd Employee

Fill out the "Add Employee" form to add an account for an employee.

View ContentMaintain Existing Employees

Make changes to existing employee accounts.

View ContentAdd Employee Type

Add Employee Types as a way to customize your employee’s accounts and PetExec system access. Assign menu items as required for specific job responsibilities.

View ContentMaintain Employee Types

Edit or delete existing employee types.

Payment Options
View ContentMaintain Payment Options

The Maintain Payment Options Menu allows you to make changes to your existing payment options for card processing.  This menu option is only available to Non-US customers and selected US customers who were grandfathered into having this option available.

Order Processing
View ContentModify Orders

A overview of the Modify Orders screen in PetExec.  You can access all PetExec orders from this screen.

View ContentPet Vaccinations

The Pet Vaccinations menu option allows you to keep track of vaccination records for the pets in your system.

View ContentAdd Vaccination Type

The Add Vaccination Type menu option allows you to add additional Vaccination types to your PetExec system.

View ContentMaintain Vaccination Types

The Maintain Vaccination Types menu option allows you to manage all the vaccination types in your PetExec system.

Temp Testing
View ContentTemp Schedule

Overview of the Temperament Test Schedule.  This screen will show scheduled appointments for your Temperament Testing.

View ContentTemp Calendar

Temp Calendar will display all temperament test appointments.

View ContentAdd Temp Test

Steps to add a Temp Test appointment.  You also have the option to scheduled a daycare, in addition to the temperament test.

Reports are broken down by category below
Accounting Reports
View ContentBilling Comparison Report

The Billing Comparison Report lets you compare the selected year and previous year's data for the same time frame.

View ContentBilling Report

Overview of the Billing Report menu option.  This report will give you a spreadsheet for the billing records during the date range you specify, by any payment type or all payment types.


View ContentDaily Statistics Report

Overview of the Daily Statistics Report.  This report will give you sales statistics for the current day or for any selected day,

View ContentOwner Purchase Statistics

The Owner Purchase Statistics report lets you know which owners have not made any purchases within any given range. You can also choose to show only the owners who have made purchases in that date range.

View ContentPurchase Statistics Report

This spreadsheet shows a total for purchases by owner for any given date range with an option to include which services were purchased if desired.

View ContentQuickBooks Export

Overview of the QuickBooks Export menu option.  For the complete process see the QuickBooks Export Overview PDF.

View ContentService Type History

The Service Type History report gives you the quantity of orders by owner for a specified service type and date range, with an option to view the history for the owner from this report. 

View ContentStatistics Reports

The Statistics Reports include a breakdown of amount applied broken down by Payment Type and a Total of Amount Processed and a spreadsheet of amounts charged broken down by service for any given date range.

View ContentStats Report - By Service Type

This report will give you a breakdown by Service Type for a given date range with the option to view details of orders that are related to that service type.

View ContentStats by Service Type Comparison

The Statistics by Service Type Comparison report returns a chart of the selected year and previous year's data for the same time frame by Service Type.

View ContentScheduled Revenue Report

The scheduled revenue report is an estimate of the totals of scheduled daycare, scheduled boardings, scheduled groomings and scheduled services over a date or date range.

View ContentSystino/Listen360 Report

The Systino/Listen360 Report will download  an excel spreadsheet with the customer data for sales over the selected time frame.  The excel spreadsheet can then be uploaded to Systino/Listen360 or other marketing firm to generate feedback to help grow your business.

View ContentTax Report

The Tax Report is a report of all records marked taxable in your Products/Service list for any given date range.

Boarding Reports
View ContentBoarding by Scheduled Date Report

The Boarding by Scheduled Date Report will return all boardings that were scheduled on a given day. Forgot who you scheduled for boarding yesterday, or last Friday? This is the report you want.

View ContentBoarding Deposit Report

The Boarding Deposit Report shows all completed Boardings and all Scheduled Boardings during a given date range.  It includes all boarding Deposits APPLIED for each boarding.

Employee Reports
View ContentGrooming Report

The Grooming Report is a list of completed grooming orders for a selected date range by groomer, or all groomers if designated.

View ContentGrooming Commission Report

The Grooming Commission Report is a list of completed grooming orders and specified commission for each service during the selected date range by groomer.

View ContentScheduled Service Report

The Scheduled Service Report is list of completed scheduled service orders that can be customized by date range, Service Category and Employee.

View ContentTime Card Payroll Report

The Time Card Payroll Report shows you the Scheduled time and the time actually worked for each employee on every day in any selected date range.

Inventory Reports
View ContentProduct On-Hand Report

The Product On-Hand Report is used to track inventory quantities.

View ContentVendor Report

The Vendor Report returns a list of active vendors you have entered in the system.

Misc. Reports
View ContentActive Vet List Report

The Active Vet List Report lists all the active Vets in your system.

View ContentDaily In-House Report

The Daily In-House Report gives you a snapshot of Daycare and Incoming and Outgoing Boardings for each day during a Selected Date Range.

Owner and Pet Reports
View ContentActive Daycare Packages Report

The Active Daycare Packages Report returns a list of all Active Daycare Packages in your system.

View ContentActive Boarding Packages Report

The Active Boarding Packages Report lists all the active Boarding Packages in your system.

View ContentEmail Bounce Report

The Email Bounce Report contains pet owners that were identified as having bad email addresses in the Primary Email address field.

(Email Bounce Report is available as part of the 3.8 PetExec release)

View ContentBreed Report

The Breed Report returns a list of all the breeds in your system, the price type for each breed and the number of active pets of that breed currently in the system.

View ContentOwner Activity Report

The owner activity report will show you any activity by an owner in the owner portal.   The data displayed based on report type depends on your application preference settings for the owner portal.

View ContentHow Heard Report

The How Heard Report lists all the owners that have been entered into the system in the date range selected, and includes the field of How Did you Hear about us.

View ContentOwner / Pet Report

The Owner / Pet Report lists the total of Owners and Pets that are in the system, how many are inactive and how many are active.  Clicking on a total box will download a spreadsheet for information on all your owners and all their pets.  This is useful if you need to see all your active owners including their emails in a spreadsheet.

View ContentPaw Point Report

The Paw Point Report helps you keep track of your system's Paw Points currently in use or during any given date range.

View ContentPet Advisory Report

The Pet Advisory Report allows you to keep track of all the pet advisories you have in your system.


View ContentPet Birthday Report

The Pet Birthday Report will list all the Pet Birthdays coming up in your chosen range.

View ContentOwner Note Report

This report will return owner notes based on the date range OR the values entered in the search criteria field.  This report can be used to see all pet owners with an owner note.


View ContentPet Note Report

This report will return pet notes based on the date range, the Note Type, AND the Pet Name entered.  You may optionally restrict the results by Pet Breed.

Pet Breeds
View ContentAdd & Maintain Pet Breeds

Steps to add a pet breed to your PetExec system and maintain existing breeds.

Scheduled Services
View ContentScheduled Services Schedule

Steps to view scheduled services by date or date range.  

View ContentAdd Appointment (Scheduled Services)

Steps to add a Scheduled Services Appointment.

View ContentMaintain Scheduled Services Appointments

Overview of the steps to modify or delete a scheduled service appointment for a pet.

View ContentScheduled Services Calendar

Overview of the scheduled services calendar.

View ContentAdd Service Type

The steps to add a service type. Service types added will appear in your drop down list when adding a product/service to the system.  This allows you to categorize your services under the scheduled services module or to create additional service types for reporting purposes.

View ContentModify Service Type

Steps to modify or delete a service type.

Company Calendar
Time Clock
View ContentAdd Employee Schedule

Steps to add an employee schedule to the time clock module.

View ContentModify Employee Schedule

Steps to modify a schedule for an employee.

View ContentMaintain Employee Locations and Tasks

Steps to add and maintain employee locations and tasks for the time clock.

View ContentMaintain Employee Time Types

Steps to add and maintain employee time types.  For example, breaks, lunch etc.

View ContentTime Card Schedule

Time Card schedule is the view of the employees scheduled hours.

View ContentEmployee Calendar

Calendar view of employee schedules.  You can also add employee schedules by clicking on the calendar.

View ContentEmployee Sign-In

Steps for employees to sign in to the time clock module.

Web Cam