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View ContentFile Browser

The PetExec file browser is a program that provides a user interface to manage files and folders within your PetExec system.

View ContentMaintain Allowed IPs

Maintain allowed IPs allows you to control where an employee can login to the PetExec system based on the IP address of the Internet access point  they are trying to login from. (This Feature will be available with PetExec 3.6 on Sunday 4/28/19)

View ContentRebuild Daycare Packages

Changing daycare services and daycare packages in Maintain Products or Services does not impact packages that were sold prior to the changes. Rebuild Daycare Package will copy changes made to daycare package services to owner daycare packages. Clicking on the “Rebuild” button will change existing Active owner daycare packages to update the Service Name, Package Type, and the Associated Services. End dates will be rebuilt only when a package has been set to never expire.

Please use caution when rebuilding existing owner daycare packages. This can not be undone! We recommend downloading the existing owner package data before rebuilding and after rebuilding as a way to audit the changes.