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View ContentAdd New Owner

Steps for adding a new owner.

View ContentModify Existing Owner

The steps to modify an existing owner's account.  This menu item is also used to bring up an owner's account in the system.

View ContentUndelete an Owner

Click the "Undelete" link to restore the owner to active status.  

View ContentOwner Purchase

The Owner Purchase function allows you to search for an owner and apply one or more products or services to their cart.  For example, this option can be used to complete an owner purchase of a retail item or a daycare/boarding package. 

View ContentDelete An Owner

Steps to delete an owner from the system.  Note:  Owners and pets are never really deleted, only marked inactive.  

View ContentAdd a New Pet

Steps for adding a new pet to an existing owner. The Owner must be added before associated pets can be added.

View ContentModify Existing Pet

The steps to modify an existing Pet record.  This menu item is also used to bring up a pet record in the system.

View ContentMove Pet to New Owner

Reassign a current pet to a new owner.  

View ContentPet List

Pet List is a  list of all pets in the system.