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Communication Settings (Menu-->Company Preferences-->Communication Settings)
View ContentMaintain Agreements

Enter and maintain your contracts and boarding agreements.

View ContentMaintain Report Card

Steps to maintain report card.  

View ContentModify Email Content

This is the list of the emails that PetExec can send out to your customers.  There are two types of emails, those that are blastable,  meaning you determine when to blast those emails.  And those that are not blastable, PetExec will send these emails based on a scheduled service or event in the system.

View ContentCommunication Templates

Communication templates are the message templates that PetExec uses for all automated and blastable messages (both email and SMS/Text).  For complete details click here: Communication Templates.

View ContentSocial Media Links

Social Media links are used in email blasts and email reminders.  When set up and included in emails, your customers will see the social media icon, when they click it will open your webpage within that social media.


View ContentEmail Blast

Summary of the Email Blast feature.  With Email Blasts you can send an email to employees, owners, or vets.

View ContentTips for Effective Email Delivery

Tips to ensure the emails generated from PetExec are successfully delivered to your customers.